Clown Fish

The Black Clown Fish, Amphiprion Clarkii

Black Clown Fish or Amphiprion Clarkii

The Black Clown is an Anemone Fish. It can be found in the Indian to West Pacific oceans, as well from the Persian Gulf to the Western coast of Australia. It is an egg laying species and it is the male that guards and tends to the offspring. This species varies from color to life span and is very popular amongst captive breeders.  

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  1. Did you swim with them (the fish) to get these pictures?

  2. No actually I didn't. I wish that I could have. The thick glass of the aquarium they were in helped magnify them to a certain extent. After that its was just taking my time and really being patient to get the shot. Thank you for asking. MY favorite thing is that are not fully orange.



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