GIGI on The High Line

The High Line Shoot Set 1

The High Line Shoot was an  amazing opportunity  to show not only the 
beauty in New York , but the talent that thrives in this city. 
Our goal was to bring the natural everyday fashion out into the 
open on The High Line. Makeup Artist Melissa , owner of 
Bella Makeup365 was able to accomplish this goal with model Gigi.
Melissa  used a a wonderful soft natural pallet of colors to show
off Gigi's elegant facial features. Gigi brought it all together 
with her personal style and wonderful personality. I consider this 
shoot to be one of my favorites. A great many thanks to Melissa , Gigi 
and the staff on The High Line for allowing us to shoot on their property.




The High Line is an elevated urban park located in New York. This beautiful park first opened in 2009, it was once an elevated Central Rail Road on the west side. It was and still is an instant hit amongst tourist and New Yorkers. The aerial green way is so popular that it is now being expanded from approximate 1mile to a 2 mile linear park. To learn more about The High Line please visit the link available below.  

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